Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm not a Baby , I'm a Tumor

Isn't it the cutest! The toothfairies are but some of the many gorgeously designed characters in Hell Boy 2. I'm secretly praying they come up with miniature plastic versions I can get via McDonald's happy meals. Even the golden army soldiers are lovely. But this had me in stitches...
Wisecracking troll-baby gives the punchline after the sequence... "I'm not a baby, I'm a tumor." Y'all gotta see the film.

Guillermo Del Toro is a friggin genius. A shame that I only learned about him with Pan's Labyrinth. I wish I could draw like him. I'm pretty much limited to scrounging the google wasteland for visual pegs or verbally explaining chicken scratch to my hapless crew...

fight or flight

When I texted you asking when you'd be back and you didn't answer, I just slept it off.... then I had this strange dream... I hope it was figurative and I hope yours was a safe flight...

stolen from postsecret

I've made really stupid decisions in the past but last week just had no excuse. I'm older, this has happened before, and I should know better....

But don't wanna think too much anymore. I'm never out of things to do. It's endless. I need to surface my inner Rosie...

Let's go Pamstr, you gotta film to make.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Emergency

stolen from rye

no offense to my gorgeous gay friends... but in the spirit of silly sci-fi, this post helped laser beam the blues away....


photos from

No reason for smiley faces. Nothing works. Not even the beer. Saw in a Woody Allen quote in a friend's blog

"Most of what you need, as a director, is psychological help..."

What I need is a hug...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Looks Good

My Greatest Strength Spread
My Greatest Strength Spread
Mystic Art Tarot

Position 3
3 - My strengths/my virtues

Position 1
1 - This will not leave me in peace

Position 2
2 - This gives me form
Free Tarot Readings from

Saturday, September 20, 2008


been so busy thinking and imagining and planning

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out of the Woodwork

We are live ... and coming soon at a theater or pirated dvd stall near you

and this pagan needs all your prayers...


pics stolen from khayal and programwitch

And it all has to happen at the same time...
I'm sorry but I can't bear to be sunshiney polyanna when:

a. Fursey's combo-drive can't eject a !#$% dvd when I need to preview a ton of student projects for grading. I've done every friggin trick in all the Mac/ Apple forums and nothing seems to work. Which means I need to bring him to a Mac repair shop.

b. They aren't calling!!! It's mid September and my life is on hold! I need to know if I can afford to not take on an academic load this coming sem, or if I'm gonna get a decent salary by October (because if not, I need to find all freelance jobs I can do and fast)

c. The amount of money I'm spending with Declan's schooling, the post-prod for the gov't .project, and research for the soap are all eating up into my pre-prod fund for my film. And I can't help it, money isn't coming in and I can't afford not to spend. Today, I'm friggin gonna have to pay for Declan's tuition... I guess the laptop repair is out of the question for the next 2 months. Aarrgh!

d. My usb is virus ridden and can't open any of the folders stored on it. And these folders have important files in them! Files I need for work!!!

photo stolen from emiliebjork

These days I either wanna pull my hair out or punch someone, or both. Sometimes I do it in my mind... or I count to ten. Is it mercury retrograde yet? Or am I reaping the fruits of bad karma?

Happy thoughts... Happy thoughts..Happy thoughts.. I need to clear my head for Friday when my class will be observed for PAASCU accreditation day, when I present my research for the soap, when I meet my staff for the first time (and make sure they don't back out after that meeting).

Monday, September 15, 2008

6 Scents

I heart Gwen's Stefani's Harajuku Lovers scents... if only for the cute bottles...

They're sadly not available in my beloved country. But their descriptions on Osmoz weren't "me" anyway. I need to go scent shopping soon as my Boss Femme 50mL's nearly up. I've been saving it for important occasions and am just using Declan's cologne on typical days.

A new scent helps frame a state of mind. Of course only wishy-washy girls understand this. Scents have marked phases in my life since my first bottle back in 2000.

Technically my first scent was an imitation Cool Water I was sort of conned into buying by a co-PA back in ABS. Let's not count that one...

Months later, my ol' college friend Sharon came back to Manila with one of the last few bottles of Gap Grass before it was finally phased out, that was my 2nd bottle. I used it up in less than a year then I bought the one-note classic Green Tea (Liz Arden) before all the imitations came out. One could say that this Green phase was my pre-Declan phase when I was a whole lot more carefree and boyish and reckless, and things were simpler.

While having Declan, I was penniless and I remember using a Victoria's Secret body spray given by a friend or an aunt, I don't really remember. I was incurably depressed during this time and didn't care to go out of the house let alone have any concern over scents.

After I gave birth I remember using W (Banana Republic), a sample bottle I got as a Christmas gift I think. Thus began a love affair with florals as I left media temporarily for more stable call center work. I used Happy (Clinique) and Light Blue (Dolce & Gabanna) alternately. Now both are considered cliche scents copied by even the most affordable cologne brands. One could say that Happy was my most long term signature having used 3 100mL bottles.

I resigned after 3 years and moved into a rented new condo. Little did I know this was to be one of the darker times in my life. I had a new scent to mark the trasition, Omnia (Bvlgari). This was a spicy-oriental one, ending my floral phase.

When I got out of that rut and moved back into my parents' home, I bought a new scent too mark the new beginning. This was Boss Femme , a return to florals, but on a less fruity/ flirty note.

I'm wondering what could be next? The simpler one-essence-per-note Alabaster (Banana Republic)? Or the adventurous floral-green-with-notes-of-chocolate Covet (Sarah Jessica Parker) ? Or the old classic Manifesto (Isabella Rossellini), or the cheap reliable ready for shipping at White 360 (Perry Ellis)....

Finding a scent that clicks is just as difficult as finding the right production designer. But that's another story...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Want...

...motivational pop art posters

... Onitsuka Tiger running shoes

... a Karakuri robot secretary

... a tele-portation device

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i'm immersing in belle & sebastian this week... especially this friggin complicated song, "I'm a Cuckoo"...

"Jesus told me, go after every coin
Like it was the last in the world
And protect the wayward child
But I'm a little lost sheep
I need my Bo peep
I know I need my Shepherd here tonight
Breaking off is misery
I see a wilderness for you and me
Punctuated by philosophy
And a wondering how things could've been
Id like to see you
But really I should stay away..."

We'll be doing something like 6 covers for Belle and Sebastian nite in October... I think I have a relationship with my band-- I need to make time for it, keep the sparks alive, commit to it and jeez with all these projects I got, the commitment part is really tested!

But really... I am a cuckoo, according to this week's horoscope at Shine

Leo (July 23rd-Aug. 22nd)
Oh, Leo, you're a fool for love. It's kind of cute when Meg Ryan does it, but on you, it just looks pathetic. Walk away from love before it walks all over you, leaving nothing but a set of muddy footprints. (Yes, it's true, we're a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll.)

artwork by AshleyG

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Events Tonight that I Can't Go To

.MOV night at Mag:Net Katipunan where Blood Bank will be screening

keith sicat's artsy s&m preem (i heart gwen garci's clothes!)

But oh well.... really, I don't care anymore... happiness is labelling my son's notebook with letraset and sharpening pencils with a plastic alien sharpener

Monday, September 8, 2008

Turning Direct

C'mon Universe! Let's do this!

stolen from

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and generosity, has been retrograde since May 9, slowing or even stalling progress, is turning direct on September 7. With energetic Mars squaring Jupiter on this same day, you will not only move forward, you will feel like a horse let out of the starting gate at a race! Pluto, which has been retrograde since April, turns direct one day later on September 8, which brings added intensity to everything.

With both Jupiter and Pluto going direct within days of one another, it seems that evolution is again on the march for the entire world. A lot of change is coming! This is what we've all been waiting for since spring, so take stock of lessons and rewards, and get ready to practice the self-transcendence that Jupiter challenges us to perform.

and in case you're wondering, yes this fixation with astrology can be traced (and blamed) around 16 years ago with this series.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chati Coronel

I heart Chati Coronel. One of my fave painters who I actually know. We were both in a CCP hosted film workshop in the late 90's (go figure)... One day I will be rich enough to buy one of her works and have spacious home to host it.


i heart hengst's '40's inspired collection. what fun it would be to work a corporate job looking like this everyday. a girl can dream...

more at

Friday, September 5, 2008

Top 50 Hottest Sci-Fi Girls

stolen from the biskochong halimaw boys.

Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in Luc Besson's The Fifth Element is the cutest.

But does anyone remember the 80's show V ? I think I was in 1st grade then and it was showing on free TV at Channel 7. Aliens who look like humans eating live rats... love it!! Diana made the list...

I wonder why Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley (Aliens) is just # 49? I thought she was hotter that Princess Leia who's # 1... Oh yeah, male geeks probably made the list and found Ripley at tad too emasculating aheheh.

More about it here

Sonnet LVIII

I hope I could sneak this in... I haven't seen Sonnet LVIII perform in ages...

I hope they don't mind me reposting an entry from their myspace blog, I'm not sure who wrote it.

The Beauty Of The AM7 Chord

Remember those times we played our songs and everyone had blank stares? After a song, they would look at each other, say nothing and think "Should we clap?". It seemed like they didn't have any clue of what we were doing. Neither do we. To us though, it was all natural. Broken chords and all. To them, it was otherworldly. But it was fun looking at those bewitched or bothered or bewildered faces.

People called us snobs. Maybe we were. Maybe we knew there were only a few of us like-minded souls. Maybe we felt they wouldn't and/or couldn't interpret the language we spoke. Maybe they couldn't understand why we drown everything in reverb and delay effects. Maybe we knew something that they didn't know about.

We've met friends along the way. We've met people who were like us. And some of them knew our language. And it was the most exciting part of our lives. We shared the same taste in music, films, books, vintage clothing and eighties TV shows. We traded mixtapes and wishlists. We talked about how we felt about people who try to/ couldn't understand what we were into. But of course, our favorite discussions were about people who were "into it" because it sounded "cool". Maybe we really knew something that they didn't know about.

Sometimes we'd like to believe it's the beauty of the AM7 chord.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day High

Declan's first day. He took to his new backpack. He proudly wore it and wasn't bothered by the straps like he was before. That morning he was also looking over the boxes and school supplies. He looks old in the pics. More worried and anxious than excited. I think I'm the only one who's excited...

My cousin drove us there. It went as expected. I could hear chairs and tables overturned upstairs and I knew it was him. Both his SPED and ABA teacher said the same things-- that they had a tough time getting him to sit down and do as told. But I mean, give the kid a break. He's been out of school for almost two years, and these are strangers, he needs time to get used to things.... Unfortunately I didn't get pics of him in the classroom. Parents and caregivers had to wait downstairs. At least I had the time to write the summary of some of the cassette interviews.

He had his measurements taken for his uniform and we'll probably get the set by next week. I wanted to accompany him today for his OT, but alas I need to start on the documentary editing plus I have class in the afternoon. My other regret is that I should have gone to SM department store first before National Bookstore. Their outlet in SM Bicutan is horrendous. The office supplies section of the department store had more selections and carried the plain colorful plastic covered notebooks I was looking for. Tsk, I had settled with the typical blue notebooks for his teachers notes. I don't know why I'm making such a fuss. Declan probably doesn't care. I guess parents are like that, they feel that their kids are extensions of themselves and are in effect buying school supplies for themselves.