Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seven Inch

see you all at the Balloon Derby 7" ep launch! it's bound to be a big one with strangeometry, dorothy records, and apple crumble records all coming together this one night. december 20... oh yeah, spla will be playing too... i need a new dress (hee!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

and now we're back...

Been busy for the past two weeks doing this

But it seems I can't wind down till next week. Cheques to look out for, thesis defenses, 4 christmas parties, wrapping up deals, deadlines... it's endless.

I wish I were 17 again, fresh-faced and looking forward to the UP Lantern Parade and afterparty. The reality is, I'm 30 wrought like iron, and pining for an hour to myself to get a massage.

oh and this is the nth xmas with no lovelife for me... but then i guess it's too soon to sum up, there's still 10 days... but then i don't really care... i just want the money to come in on time and that i finally meet all the deadlines, and that the film gets finished.

Friday, November 28, 2008

see you next week

A new and important phase in your life is about to begin, where the planets give you the most positive vibration you've had in long while. It's this positive attitude that will carry you through even some of the most gruelling changes which are going to occur. Try to keep in mind that you are not in a race, and that today's road to success involves slow, calculated steps towards your goals

words stolen from cafeastrology
photo stolen from cig harvey

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i am my own cheerleader

it's 4:04 in the morning. time for self motivation posters !
(stolen from

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

marlboro lights & coffee & red shoes

instant quiz and a funny conversation with an old friend (whom I haven't seen in ages). on network writing. of course taking out other parts of the conversation that might incriminate other people ahehhe.

10:49:21 AM pam_miras: na pe=pressure ako taena,
10:49:26 AM pam_miras: aheheh
10:49:28 AM xero_roach67: basta less incidental puzzles better
10:49:36 AM pam_miras: pero dapat hindi, relax lang...
10:49:41 AM xero_roach67: yung puzzle mo yung mainthread
10:49:48 AM xero_roach67: ehehe...
10:49:55 AM xero_roach67: ako nagsusulat ngayon ng ********...
10:49:56 AM xero_roach67: pakshet
10:49:58 AM xero_roach67: tuyot na ako
10:50:07 AM xero_roach67: nag-aaway na kami ni ******
10:50:10 AM xero_roach67: ehehe
10:50:17 AM pam_miras: ah talaga? ahehe na-stuck ka na sa mga genre,
10:50:27 AM pam_miras: o baket?
10:51:23 AM xero_roach67: oo nga na -stuck na ako
10:51:25 AM xero_roach67: ewan...
10:51:31 AM xero_roach67: parang tuyot ako...
10:51:34 AM xero_roach67: gusto nilang palagyan ng emotions...
10:51:37 AM xero_roach67: ehhhh...
10:51:41 AM xero_roach67: basta...
10:51:45 AM xero_roach67: mahabang paliwanag...
10:51:47 AM xero_roach67: mag-aangst lang ako
10:51:50 AM xero_roach67: ehehe...
10:51:58 AM pam_miras: ang hirap ng emotions paniwalaan pag may costume aheheh
10:52:03 AM pam_miras: ok lang yan...
10:52:06 AM xero_roach67: oo nga eh...
10:52:09 AM xero_roach67: ngak...
10:52:13 AM xero_roach67: ikaw kaya nasa future...
10:52:18 AM pam_miras: kaya nga
10:52:23 AM xero_roach67: may taong puno
10:52:23 AM pam_miras: para akong ulul
10:52:32 AM pam_miras: mga gumagawa ng scifi ulul
10:52:33 AM pam_miras: ahehehe
10:52:34 AM xero_roach67: may set na weird...
10:52:40 AM xero_roach67: ahehehehe...
10:52:45 AM xero_roach67: okay lang iyan...
10:52:56 AM xero_roach67: una ma-aamaze sila dahil gusto mo gumawa ng kakaiba...
10:53:01 AM xero_roach67: then they will realize...
10:53:09 AM xero_roach67: ah eto yung story na ganito ganyan...
10:53:19 AM xero_roach67: galing nagawa niya yung story na iyon sa ganyang bihis...
10:53:24 AM xero_roach67: then magugulat sila...
10:53:29 AM xero_roach67: oh ganun pala gusto niya...
10:53:33 AM xero_roach67: oh ganun pala yun...
10:53:37 AM xero_roach67: oh... tats ako...
10:53:45 AM xero_roach67: oh... tara lets plant trees...
10:53:51 AM xero_roach67: sign up for green peace...
10:54:00 AM pam_miras: :))
10:54:06 AM xero_roach67: mag sesegregate na ako ng basura...
10:54:14 AM pam_miras: gagu ka***** ;))
10:54:15 AM xero_roach67: then... nagawa mo na yung purpose mo...
10:54:21 AM xero_roach67: tapos paguusapan ka...
10:54:32 AM xero_roach67: napanood mo na yung short film na enviromental ek ek
10:54:36 AM xero_roach67: galing pare
10:54:49 AM pam_miras: basta ayoko na gumawa ng pa-art, na handheld, na may dugo dugo!
10:54:56 AM pam_miras: aheheh
10:55:00 AM xero_roach67: ako may dugo pa rin...
10:55:08 AM xero_roach67: pero yung 'minsan may isang diwata'
10:55:12 AM xero_roach67: yun walang dugo
10:55:16 AM xero_roach67: yun ang gusto kong gawin...
10:55:24 AM xero_roach67: nkwento ko na yun sa iyo no
10:55:34 AM pam_miras: siguro..
10:55:39 AM pam_miras: di ko na maalala..
10:55:53 AM xero_roach67: lolo siya na gumagawa ng fairy tale books
10:55:59 AM xero_roach67: tapos may girlfriend siyang diwata...
10:56:07 AM xero_roach67: kaso hindi tumatanda yung diwata... tapos siya lolo na
10:56:27 AM pam_miras: dream yan ng mga dom ah?
10:56:29 AM pam_miras: aheheh
10:56:34 AM xero_roach67: ahehehe...
10:56:37 AM xero_roach67: oo...
10:56:39 AM xero_roach67: siguro...
10:56:44 AM xero_roach67: then the lolo lets go of the diwata
10:56:50 AM xero_roach67: kasi defeated na si lolo..
10:56:57 AM xero_roach67: wala na daw gumagawa ng fairy tales ngayon...
10:57:03 AM xero_roach67: horror stories nalang...
10:57:18 AM xero_roach67: eh yun lang ang alam niyang isulat... mga kwento nila...
10:57:23 AM xero_roach67: well anyway...
10:57:26 AM xero_roach67: parang ganun lang...
10:57:34 AM xero_roach67: story kung paano siya mag susuccumb sa old age...
10:57:49 AM pam_miras: parang pang Sandman nga eh
10:57:54 AM pam_miras: okey
10:57:58 AM xero_roach67: siguro...
10:58:06 AM xero_roach67: oo nga...
10:58:08 AM xero_roach67: ahehehehe...
10:58:12 AM xero_roach67: pang sandman nga
10:58:17 AM pam_miras: bat ang aga mo gumising?
10:58:22 AM pam_miras: o di ka pa tutulog?
10:58:24 AM xero_roach67: hindi pa ako natutulog...
10:58:31 AM xero_roach67: na-stuck ako sa isang eksena...
10:58:50 AM xero_roach67: pinipilit kong magkaroon ng emotions itong lintek na kwentong ito...
10:58:53 AM xero_roach67: bad trip kasi...
10:58:58 AM xero_roach67: ise-setup nila na walang emotions...
10:59:05 AM xero_roach67: tapos sa akin nila papalagyan...
10:59:07 AM xero_roach67: sus
10:59:15 AM xero_roach67: ayan... nag-angst tuloy ako
10:59:17 AM xero_roach67: ehehe
10:59:35 AM pam_miras: eh.. kaya mo yan
xero_roach67 disconnected (10:59:41 AM)
xero_roach67 connected (11:00:00 AM)
11:00:42 AM xero_roach67: nagtuturo ka ba ngayon?
11:00:49 AM pam_miras: as usual
11:00:51 AM pam_miras: ahehhe
11:01:19 AM pam_miras: nasa dos pa rin ako... pero may show na sa wakas
11:01:25 AM xero_roach67: wow...
11:01:31 AM xero_roach67: kumikita ka na?
11:02:21 AM pam_miras: heto brainstorm brainstorm... pero sabi ni ***** (headwriter ko) magsusulat na ako, one ep a month
11:02:30 AM pam_miras: aheheh... na blackmail ko,
11:02:33 AM xero_roach67: one ep
11:02:35 AM xero_roach67: ahahaha
11:02:39 AM xero_roach67: nice...
11:02:43 AM xero_roach67: pero kumikita ka na nga?
11:02:49 AM pam_miras: one week. ok na yun..
11:03:03 AM pam_miras: technically wala pa...
11:03:11 AM pam_miras: may 2 cheque ako nakatengga
11:03:15 AM xero_roach67: ahhh...
11:03:19 AM xero_roach67: pero okay na yan
11:03:21 AM xero_roach67: at least...
11:03:24 AM pam_miras: kasi di pa ayus papeles ko lech
11:03:36 AM xero_roach67: konti lang talaga magaling na writer...
11:03:43 AM xero_roach67: pagnagka reputasyon ka...
11:03:53 AM xero_roach67: tapos na semento yun... your made...
11:04:00 AM xero_roach67: at least sa showbiz a
11:04:06 AM xero_roach67: hehehe...
11:04:15 AM pam_miras: onga eh... ikaw youre almost there if not already...
11:04:23 AM xero_roach67: not...
11:04:27 AM xero_roach67: mga 3-5 years...
11:05:06 AM pam_miras: ako, gusto ko lang maging close kay ***** or ******, baka bigyan ako ng break magdirect or magsulat sa pelikula
11:05:16 AM xero_roach67: ahhh...
11:05:21 AM xero_roach67: patience lang...
11:05:21 AM pam_miras: parang route ni adolf alix, francis pasion... aloy...
11:05:33 AM xero_roach67: makukuha mo rin iyan...
11:05:35 AM xero_roach67: bata ka pa...
11:05:37 AM xero_roach67: ehehehe
11:05:39 AM xero_roach67: bwahahahahaha
11:05:39 AM pam_miras: hahahaha
11:05:47 AM pam_miras: gagu ka *****! ;))
11:05:54 AM xero_roach67: ndi seryoso...
11:05:59 AM xero_roach67: lalo na ngayon...
11:06:03 AM xero_roach67: hindi ka na ganun ka nega
11:06:08 AM xero_roach67: hihi
11:06:12 AM xero_roach67: :P

11:10:13 AM xero_roach67: 1. If i wasn't a writer, i'd probably be a...
11:10:26 AM pam_miras: director
11:10:28 AM pam_miras: aheheheh
11:11:04 AM xero_roach67: 2. 3 works you are most proud of
11:11:53 AM pam_miras: wala... proud ka lang after mo matapos pero after a year, kadiri na
11:12:10 AM xero_roach67: 3. Most brilliant TV series you wish you had written for
11:12:32 AM pam_miras: hmm..
11:12:39 AM pam_miras: the twilight zone
11:12:48 AM pam_miras: the xfiles
11:13:03 AM pam_miras: heroes season 1
11:13:04 AM xero_roach67: oh okay... next question
11:13:10 AM xero_roach67: 4. Movie/TV quote to end all quotes
11:13:17 AM pam_miras: laki na nga ng kita mo rumaraket ka pa! ahehe
11:13:33 AM xero_roach67: hehe...
11:13:39 AM xero_roach67: prodhouse sila...
11:13:50 AM xero_roach67: para pag gagawa ako ng pelikula may x deal
11:14:06 AM xero_roach67: sagutin mo yung 4
11:14:23 AM pam_miras: ay wala ako maisip. heto "..At ba't ako magrereport sa 'yo? Ano ako reporter" --
11:14:33 AM xero_roach67: ahahaha
11:14:36 AM xero_roach67: san iyan?
11:15:07 AM pam_miras: -- isadora, iisa pa lamang
11:15:13 AM xero_roach67: 5. My best brainstorming buddies
11:15:29 AM pam_miras: marlboro lights and coffee
11:15:42 AM xero_roach67: nice... last i heard they went full camp a few weeks before ending
11:15:44 AM xero_roach67: next
11:15:46 AM xero_roach67: 6. If I'm stuck in front of a blank screen and my fingers refuse to meet the deadline, my 'no-fail' muse that makes me cross the finish line to the "send' button is...
11:16:07 AM xero_roach67: marlboro lights and coffee - ooh.. i like, pa plagarize
11:16:08 AM xero_roach67: hehehe
11:16:24 AM pam_miras: two words. talent fee
11:16:34 AM xero_roach67: nice...
11:16:41 AM xero_roach67: ehehe... now i can write again
11:16:41 AM xero_roach67: hehehe
11:16:43 AM xero_roach67: 7. The best advice i can give to other writers hoping to get that 'by line' on TV is...
11:17:23 AM pam_miras: naku ang hirap niyan
11:17:32 AM pam_miras: wala pa kasi akong by-line sa TV
11:17:35 AM pam_miras: aahehhe
11:17:46 AM xero_roach67: errr... you got your films...
11:17:49 AM xero_roach67: draw from there...
11:18:04 AM pam_miras: tsk.
11:18:22 AM pam_miras: Audacity.
11:18:26 AM xero_roach67: were you never glassy-eyed hopeful...
11:18:33 AM xero_roach67: audacity... nice answer...
11:18:34 AM pam_miras: If they won't hire you, do it yourself.
11:18:40 AM xero_roach67: hah...
11:18:44 AM xero_roach67: very indie...
11:18:45 AM xero_roach67: hehe
11:19:13 AM pam_miras: all "indie" people want to break into the mainstream and get paid big time
11:19:24 AM xero_roach67: 8. How to best deal with Producers, Directors, Clients, "see my comments in blue"...
11:19:28 AM pam_miras: but the process is a killer, so we do it ourselves
11:19:29 AM xero_roach67: or red
11:20:42 AM pam_miras: eh di address the comments, correct what needs to be corrected
11:20:49 AM pam_miras: yun lang naman yun
11:20:54 AM xero_roach67: ehehe... i know this is getting to be adrag
11:20:57 AM xero_roach67: pero last 2
11:21:03 AM xero_roach67: simple questions
11:21:03 AM xero_roach67: 9. Song i'd like to make a movie of...
11:21:52 AM pam_miras: "Dorothy" ng Carnival Park... cinemalaya season 6 entry ko
11:21:54 AM pam_miras: wahahah
11:22:11 AM xero_roach67: kailan ba season 6
11:22:16 AM xero_roach67: eto na ba yun?
11:22:40 AM pam_miras: next year pa
11:22:48 AM xero_roach67: ahhh...
11:22:48 AM xero_roach67: ehehe
11:22:55 AM xero_roach67: ako din sali ako next year...
11:23:04 AM xero_roach67: 'halimaw sa siwang' title ko...
11:23:10 AM xero_roach67: pero hindi siya horror...
11:23:15 AM xero_roach67: parang donnie darcko siguro
11:23:18 AM xero_roach67: napanood mo na yun
11:23:19 AM pam_miras: aheheh
11:23:24 AM pam_miras: ayus ayus
11:23:49 AM pam_miras: tangena, kelangan ko gumawa muna ng tweetums bago mag-horror
11:24:03 AM xero_roach67: nyahehehe...
11:24:08 AM pam_miras: pag magaling na ako magpa-kilig, gagagaling na ako manakot
11:24:08 AM xero_roach67: napanood mo na donnie...
11:24:19 AM xero_roach67: oo nga... mas mahirap magpakilig
11:24:21 AM xero_roach67: hehehe
11:25:00 AM pam_miras:
11:25:08 AM pam_miras: ito yung song na dorothy...
11:25:22 AM xero_roach67: yeap...
11:25:25 AM xero_roach67: uploading...
11:25:32 AM xero_roach67: uy have u seen donnie darko...
11:25:46 AM pam_miras: uy i dont remember..
11:25:51 AM pam_miras: di pa
11:25:57 AM xero_roach67: pahiramin kita...
11:26:00 AM xero_roach67: promise...
11:26:01 AM pam_miras: sige sige
11:26:04 AM xero_roach67: when i was watching it...
11:26:10 AM xero_roach67: ikaw naisip ko...
11:26:13 AM xero_roach67: ehehe..
11:26:22 AM xero_roach67: parang hi concept sci fi...
11:26:26 AM xero_roach67: pero downto earth
11:26:38 AM xero_roach67: about space time continuum... ekek
11:26:47 AM pam_miras: yung mga books mo nga nasa kin pa
11:26:52 AM xero_roach67: ahhh...
11:26:52 AM pam_miras: yung tv writing book mo
11:26:53 AM xero_roach67: o
11:26:54 AM xero_roach67: ano?
11:26:55 AM xero_roach67: ah
11:26:57 AM xero_roach67: eheheh
11:26:59 AM xero_roach67: oo nga...
11:27:03 AM xero_roach67: tapon mo na iyan
11:27:09 AM xero_roach67: may bagong buk ako
11:27:12 AM xero_roach67: ehehe
11:27:14 AM pam_miras: oo, binabasa basa ko uli
11:27:15 AM xero_roach67: about writing ek ek din..
11:27:22 AM xero_roach67: joke lang wag mo itapon...
11:27:24 AM pam_miras: hmp. kainis naman to
11:27:54 AM xero_roach67: kilala mo si david mamet
11:28:05 AM pam_miras: uy di mo naman ipu-publish yung quiz no? if you do, wag mo lagay name ko...
11:28:12 AM pam_miras: oo acting actingg yun eh
11:28:26 AM pam_miras: i mean directing actors..
11:28:26 AM xero_roach67: ehehe...
11:28:28 AM xero_roach67: hindi kaya
11:28:34 AM xero_roach67: ahhh
11:28:41 AM xero_roach67: hindi ba sa talkie isya
11:28:41 AM pam_miras: ano? writer din sya?
11:28:45 AM xero_roach67: yeap
11:28:50 AM xero_roach67: mas kilala siyang writer
11:29:00 AM xero_roach67: pulitzer prize winners ang plays niya
11:31:13 AM pam_miras: ow..
11:31:21 AM pam_miras: sige pabasa na rin
11:31:41 AM xero_roach67: niwei...
11:31:41 AM pam_miras: uy sige, magsulat ka na
11:31:43 AM xero_roach67: galing niya...
11:31:45 AM xero_roach67: gagao siya
11:31:46 AM xero_roach67: teka..
11:31:49 AM xero_roach67: last quiestion
11:31:51 AM xero_roach67: 10. Title to the screenplay of my life...
11:32:22 AM pam_miras: ayoko nga sagutin yang ka-cheesy han question na yan ahhehehee
11:33:13 AM xero_roach67: sige na
11:33:15 AM xero_roach67: last na iyan eh
11:33:16 AM xero_roach67: sus
11:34:00 AM pam_miras: "it could have been a brilliant career"
11:34:09 AM pam_miras: -galing sa belle n sebastian
11:34:09 AM xero_roach67: woah
11:34:16 AM xero_roach67: hahaha...
11:34:21 AM pam_miras: aheheh la akong maisip
11:34:21 AM xero_roach67: yung source ba ang disclamer mo
11:34:44 AM pam_miras: kanta nga yan ng belle n sebastian
11:34:51 AM pam_miras: oo disclaimer siguro aheheh
11:35:24 AM xero_roach67: ehehe
11:35:27 AM xero_roach67: ayt dashit
11:35:33 AM xero_roach67: nyt
11:35:51 AM pam_miras: ayt gudnayt...

right now, i'm panicking. and when i panic, i procrastinate. yesterday i bought a useless pair of shiny red shoes. for no reason at all. and 100 bucks on colored pencils. colored pencils?!

and to think i am spending so much money on cab fares, food and drinks for meetings, other little things. this is bad... i need a progress report done, a script revision, a legible storyboard, all by thursday morning. goodluck

Monday, November 17, 2008

panic mode

You Scored as Existentialist

Existentialism emphasizes human capability. There is no greater power interfering with life and thus it is up to us to make things happen. Sometimes considered a negative and depressing world view, your optimism towards human accomplishment is immense. Mankind is condemned to be free and must accept the responsibility.





Cultural Creative












Monday, November 10, 2008

armor-in mo mukha mo

stolen from michael cassutt

"The common wisdom is this: For a sci-fi series or movie to work, you've got to have interesting characters, and it never hurts to have an engaging story. No argument.

But that's true of any series or movie. For a sci-fi series, you've also got to have a world.

And to have a world, you've got to have a designer—a production designer.

The role of every production designer is slightly different, mediating as she does between the style of the director, the visionary palette created by the cinematographer, the look of the set, the texture of the costumes, the realism of the effects, the score, the sound, the alien appliances—

But it is becoming clear that the production designer can make or break your sci-fi project."

(more here)

And methinks my scifi project is being broken... how on earth can one expect to work with someone who texts you messages like this:

"mga director ko...nagsabi lang ng eksena, ako na bahala sa gagawin namin... tsaka sanay aq macho at industrial un design"

"Ikaw na magdesign, kmi na lng magconstruct.."

"Unang una... pang girl un costume... d aq gumagawa ganun.. Armor kami"

Whoever gave this person the idea that costume design is a "girly" job? And that minimalist (as opposed to his "industrial" look) is un-macho? Ok, granting that he is a chauvinist pig, do production designers really think like this?

I don't want cluttered, retro-scifi industrial! I don't want stupid armors! and bulky gadgets! how many pre-prod meetings do you need to understand "minimalist" and "alien"? how hard is it to ask us for an allowance so you could get off your ass to actually canvass for materials? how hard is it to consult other PD's when you can't think of an idea?"

But how do you fire a person when you don't have a replacement? And will i ever hope for a any PD to bravely attempt this endeavor (considering the meager budget)? And how can you communicate to this person that he is a FAKE, and that REAL designers DESIGN, and are OPEN-MINDED, and CREATIVE?

(sigh) ok. i'm done whining. back to work...

"be morgan freeman"

stolen from scifi scanner

What Can Our Next President Learn From His SciFi Counterparts?

by: John Scalzi


This week the American people chose Barack Obama to be their 44th president, which pleases some, annoys others, and reminds us all that the role of president looms large in our lives -- making it excellent fodder for Hollywood in all sorts of film genres, especially scifi. And so I wondered what lessons these science fictional heads of state could teach our real future president. Should he emulate their courses of action? Let's go to the films.

Warning: This article contains spoilers. As if you haven't seen these films already.

President: Thomas J. Whitmore of Independence Day (Bill Pullman)
Crisis: Alien invasion!
Evaluation: Mixed, but mostly positive. On one hand, if I were president and a huge, alien spacecraft parked itself right over the White House, I'd head straight to an undisclosed location rather than wait while they decide to either beam down or blow it up. Then again, Whitmore did attempt to see if we and the aliens could live together, so he's open to diplomacy. But when push came to shove, he was also willing to nuke 'em, which I call presidential. And leading the final air attack against the aliens? Very Teddy Roosevelt.
Lessons for the president-elect: Speak softly and carry a big enemy-busting stick.

President: Tom Beck of Deep Impact(Morgan Freeman)
Crisis: A comet is coming to destroy us all!
Evaluation: Very positive. First, he manages to charm an investigative reporter into keeping a blockbuster secret through sheer force of being Morgan Freeman. Second, when he announces to the country that a massive comet is coming and might kill them all, he keeps everyone calm by exuding that Morgan Freeman charm. Third, when it's clear that the comet will indeed kill them all, he gives a soothing valedictory speech that makes everyone feel okay about dying horribly, because he does it in those deep, reassuring Morgan Freeman tones. And then, when only about half of everybody dies, he tells everyone else, "Well, it's time to get back to work," and they get back to work -- because he's Morgan Freeman.
Lessons for the President-elect: Be Morgan Freeman.

President: James Dale of Mars Attacks! (Jack Nicholson)
Crisis: Martians!
Evaluation: Very bad. He keeps falling for the Martian, "Oh, we want to be friends, please pay no attention to this vaporizing death ray we're using to vaporize you to death with" trick. Honestly, after the second time, you should really get the hint. Dale is ineffective in foreign relations, he gets assassinated in a really humiliating way, and he dresses badly (although that may just be the other role Jack Nicholson plays in the film -- it gets confusing).
Lessons for the President-elect: Don't give your enemy a second (or third, or fourth) chance.

President: The President (no name given) of Superman II (E.G. Marshall)
Crisis: Coup d'Etat from General Zod!
Evaluation: Not only does he lose control of the government, he totally kneels before Zod, and thus is full of epic fail. Oh, sure, he says he's doing it to save lives, but look: Here in the US, we don't change rulers through a system of kneeling. We have elections. Besides, any treaty with General Zod would have had to be ratified by Congress. Really, there's so much procedurally wrong with this scene I hardly know where to begin.
Lessons for the President-elect: No kneeling before Zod! Seriously. Or anyone else; you're an American, and we stopped kneeling in 1776. Also, respect the Constitutional balance of powers.

President: The President (no name given, but noted in various places as "President White") of Escape From New York (Donald Pleasance)
Crisis: Visits New York City!
Evaluation: Terrible. First, he's president of a country so messed up they have to chain off New York City as a prison, which suggests all sorts of infrastructure and land resource management incompetencies. Second, his security is so lax that terrorists infiltrate and destroy Air Force One, supposedly the most secure plane in the world. Third, when captured by New York City prisoners, he blubbers like a six-year-old girl, showing a real lack of character. Finally, he doesn't show real appreciation for everything Snake Plisskin does to save his sorry tuchus, which is just plain rude.
Lessons for the President-elect: Pay attention to national infrastructure initiatives, don't skimp on security, and if you do turn a major city into a prison, don't ever, ever, fly over it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

tactile photoshop

still the best way to tweak a pic.

(stolen from

"you could either be successful or be us"

A big thank you to everyone who came to Belle & Sebastian night at Saguijo last thurs. It was great seeing Nina whom I haven't seen in ages. Plus my new co-workers Arden & Denise came and even brought friends with them. More pics from Connie & Jeff

Monday, November 3, 2008

back from the crypt

photo stolen from: delinion

After a 3-day lock in and 2 days straight of shuttling between soap work and LK work, my body finally succumbed to sickness. I spent most of the halloween weekend either asleep or wandering online. Here are some great finds...

I heart Japan!

and bees...

and polaroids...

and pretty things on pretty girls

and skulls...

and man-to-man talk...

This week I'm back to work. Still a little woozy... A lot of things coming up this first week of november...
1. a decision on what path to take: the soap-writer job, or the stable corporate job (argh this is the toughest!)
2. a decision on LK's final casting
3. first day of classes
4.the presentation to Ma'am Charo
5. and this...

hope to see you all on belle & sebastian night!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Levi Van Veluw

i heart levi van veluw. genius. talk about DIY.

i daydream that this guy would fly here from Amsterdam and do my Narra character design for free...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

letters to myself

thank you swissmiss

Look on the bright side...

...the skies shall spell it out for you if only you take the time to look up beyond the dreary buildings...

Eyes on the Road

and can you guess the film from just one letter?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

can i just rant?

it's been almost a month since i posted here... things have been an unending whirlwind of racing to cross out as many "things to do" in my unending lists. and i'm so tired. i think i'm more hardwired for lying down and reading a good book. i've spread myself too thin, i feel 2D.

i don't need just a coordinator, i need a production manager, who can make sound decisions, who has the initiative to get things done in a timely manner, who will not just wait for me to give orders.

i don't need an art director, i need a production designer. one wh0 can think out of the box, who can DESIGN, who can draw for chrissakes who will not say, "oo basta alam ko na yan"... i can't work with "basta".

it's ok to have fun, but it's hard to work with people who think "indie" filmmaking is one big party. is "wazak", is "rakenroll". it's hard work and i feel like one big kill joy. and that is the most detrimental thing that could happen to an un(der)-paid team. leading the team, one has to be charismatic, and fun to hang around with, and all good-vibes. but it's hard to put up appearances.

this film is really gonna push the people who decide to work for it, out of their comfort zones. do things they haven't done before. to figure things out for the first time and more often than not, do things they don't like doing. this is what LK requires. and it's frustrating that i can't pay the team for it. not that money will make people brilliant overnight. but money can get people to try. and this is what's so frustrating, that some people aren't even trying.

but not all of them are like that, I'm greatful for people who actually find ways around my vision. who are not afraid to think and share their ideas and their time. who actually come on time even if i'm late. thank you guys. i hope you don't lose faith.

maybe if LK was the only thing i'm doing... but i'm looking for a job, taking in small freelance jobs, wrapping up school requirements, rushing to help get a soap-opera concept in flight (with a january taping scheduled and a february airing date), doing child-care related chores, dealing with parents who want to throw me and my son out of the house because i'm "selfish" and "inconsiderate" and "a failure", "a leech". i mean, what do i say to that?

whew... now i've gotten that out, am taking a blog break and get back to work.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm not a Baby , I'm a Tumor

Isn't it the cutest! The toothfairies are but some of the many gorgeously designed characters in Hell Boy 2. I'm secretly praying they come up with miniature plastic versions I can get via McDonald's happy meals. Even the golden army soldiers are lovely. But this had me in stitches...
Wisecracking troll-baby gives the punchline after the sequence... "I'm not a baby, I'm a tumor." Y'all gotta see the film.

Guillermo Del Toro is a friggin genius. A shame that I only learned about him with Pan's Labyrinth. I wish I could draw like him. I'm pretty much limited to scrounging the google wasteland for visual pegs or verbally explaining chicken scratch to my hapless crew...

fight or flight

When I texted you asking when you'd be back and you didn't answer, I just slept it off.... then I had this strange dream... I hope it was figurative and I hope yours was a safe flight...

stolen from postsecret

I've made really stupid decisions in the past but last week just had no excuse. I'm older, this has happened before, and I should know better....

But don't wanna think too much anymore. I'm never out of things to do. It's endless. I need to surface my inner Rosie...

Let's go Pamstr, you gotta film to make.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Emergency

stolen from rye

no offense to my gorgeous gay friends... but in the spirit of silly sci-fi, this post helped laser beam the blues away....


photos from

No reason for smiley faces. Nothing works. Not even the beer. Saw in a Woody Allen quote in a friend's blog

"Most of what you need, as a director, is psychological help..."

What I need is a hug...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Looks Good

My Greatest Strength Spread
My Greatest Strength Spread
Mystic Art Tarot

Position 3
3 - My strengths/my virtues

Position 1
1 - This will not leave me in peace

Position 2
2 - This gives me form
Free Tarot Readings from

Saturday, September 20, 2008


been so busy thinking and imagining and planning

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out of the Woodwork

We are live ... and coming soon at a theater or pirated dvd stall near you

and this pagan needs all your prayers...


pics stolen from khayal and programwitch

And it all has to happen at the same time...
I'm sorry but I can't bear to be sunshiney polyanna when:

a. Fursey's combo-drive can't eject a !#$% dvd when I need to preview a ton of student projects for grading. I've done every friggin trick in all the Mac/ Apple forums and nothing seems to work. Which means I need to bring him to a Mac repair shop.

b. They aren't calling!!! It's mid September and my life is on hold! I need to know if I can afford to not take on an academic load this coming sem, or if I'm gonna get a decent salary by October (because if not, I need to find all freelance jobs I can do and fast)

c. The amount of money I'm spending with Declan's schooling, the post-prod for the gov't .project, and research for the soap are all eating up into my pre-prod fund for my film. And I can't help it, money isn't coming in and I can't afford not to spend. Today, I'm friggin gonna have to pay for Declan's tuition... I guess the laptop repair is out of the question for the next 2 months. Aarrgh!

d. My usb is virus ridden and can't open any of the folders stored on it. And these folders have important files in them! Files I need for work!!!

photo stolen from emiliebjork

These days I either wanna pull my hair out or punch someone, or both. Sometimes I do it in my mind... or I count to ten. Is it mercury retrograde yet? Or am I reaping the fruits of bad karma?

Happy thoughts... Happy thoughts..Happy thoughts.. I need to clear my head for Friday when my class will be observed for PAASCU accreditation day, when I present my research for the soap, when I meet my staff for the first time (and make sure they don't back out after that meeting).

Monday, September 15, 2008

6 Scents

I heart Gwen's Stefani's Harajuku Lovers scents... if only for the cute bottles...

They're sadly not available in my beloved country. But their descriptions on Osmoz weren't "me" anyway. I need to go scent shopping soon as my Boss Femme 50mL's nearly up. I've been saving it for important occasions and am just using Declan's cologne on typical days.

A new scent helps frame a state of mind. Of course only wishy-washy girls understand this. Scents have marked phases in my life since my first bottle back in 2000.

Technically my first scent was an imitation Cool Water I was sort of conned into buying by a co-PA back in ABS. Let's not count that one...

Months later, my ol' college friend Sharon came back to Manila with one of the last few bottles of Gap Grass before it was finally phased out, that was my 2nd bottle. I used it up in less than a year then I bought the one-note classic Green Tea (Liz Arden) before all the imitations came out. One could say that this Green phase was my pre-Declan phase when I was a whole lot more carefree and boyish and reckless, and things were simpler.

While having Declan, I was penniless and I remember using a Victoria's Secret body spray given by a friend or an aunt, I don't really remember. I was incurably depressed during this time and didn't care to go out of the house let alone have any concern over scents.

After I gave birth I remember using W (Banana Republic), a sample bottle I got as a Christmas gift I think. Thus began a love affair with florals as I left media temporarily for more stable call center work. I used Happy (Clinique) and Light Blue (Dolce & Gabanna) alternately. Now both are considered cliche scents copied by even the most affordable cologne brands. One could say that Happy was my most long term signature having used 3 100mL bottles.

I resigned after 3 years and moved into a rented new condo. Little did I know this was to be one of the darker times in my life. I had a new scent to mark the trasition, Omnia (Bvlgari). This was a spicy-oriental one, ending my floral phase.

When I got out of that rut and moved back into my parents' home, I bought a new scent too mark the new beginning. This was Boss Femme , a return to florals, but on a less fruity/ flirty note.

I'm wondering what could be next? The simpler one-essence-per-note Alabaster (Banana Republic)? Or the adventurous floral-green-with-notes-of-chocolate Covet (Sarah Jessica Parker) ? Or the old classic Manifesto (Isabella Rossellini), or the cheap reliable ready for shipping at White 360 (Perry Ellis)....

Finding a scent that clicks is just as difficult as finding the right production designer. But that's another story...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Want...

...motivational pop art posters

... Onitsuka Tiger running shoes

... a Karakuri robot secretary

... a tele-portation device

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i'm immersing in belle & sebastian this week... especially this friggin complicated song, "I'm a Cuckoo"...

"Jesus told me, go after every coin
Like it was the last in the world
And protect the wayward child
But I'm a little lost sheep
I need my Bo peep
I know I need my Shepherd here tonight
Breaking off is misery
I see a wilderness for you and me
Punctuated by philosophy
And a wondering how things could've been
Id like to see you
But really I should stay away..."

We'll be doing something like 6 covers for Belle and Sebastian nite in October... I think I have a relationship with my band-- I need to make time for it, keep the sparks alive, commit to it and jeez with all these projects I got, the commitment part is really tested!

But really... I am a cuckoo, according to this week's horoscope at Shine

Leo (July 23rd-Aug. 22nd)
Oh, Leo, you're a fool for love. It's kind of cute when Meg Ryan does it, but on you, it just looks pathetic. Walk away from love before it walks all over you, leaving nothing but a set of muddy footprints. (Yes, it's true, we're a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll.)

artwork by AshleyG

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Events Tonight that I Can't Go To

.MOV night at Mag:Net Katipunan where Blood Bank will be screening

keith sicat's artsy s&m preem (i heart gwen garci's clothes!)

But oh well.... really, I don't care anymore... happiness is labelling my son's notebook with letraset and sharpening pencils with a plastic alien sharpener

Monday, September 8, 2008

Turning Direct

C'mon Universe! Let's do this!

stolen from

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and generosity, has been retrograde since May 9, slowing or even stalling progress, is turning direct on September 7. With energetic Mars squaring Jupiter on this same day, you will not only move forward, you will feel like a horse let out of the starting gate at a race! Pluto, which has been retrograde since April, turns direct one day later on September 8, which brings added intensity to everything.

With both Jupiter and Pluto going direct within days of one another, it seems that evolution is again on the march for the entire world. A lot of change is coming! This is what we've all been waiting for since spring, so take stock of lessons and rewards, and get ready to practice the self-transcendence that Jupiter challenges us to perform.

and in case you're wondering, yes this fixation with astrology can be traced (and blamed) around 16 years ago with this series.