Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the human calendar

These people have a lot of time on their hands... And I've been posting more than i should not because i have a lot of time on my hands... but because i have a terrible habit of procrastinating...
Working at home requires tremendous amounts of self discipline which unfortunately i don't have

Arrgh... back to work...

i heart postsecret

stolen from postsecret

sometimes i pretend i don't so i can can feign jadedness and nonchalance (that's my not-so-secret post secret)

but a heartfelt virtual hi-five to whoever sent this.

a strangeometric-patterned dress on a strangeometry night

Great gig. Despite the rains, Strangeometry 11 was the best so far, can't wait for the 12th. Thanks to mastermind Alex Paita .

A cd compilation was made especially for that night, and were given to everyone who paid a ticket to get in. Will upload and post a link here upon getting their permission.

more pictures here

Strange Carousels & Summer Escapes

These are two all-Filipino indiepop mp3 compilations collated by online buddy Dale

Sunday Picnic Love Affair has a track on the Summer Escape compilation.

Download the albums through these links:
Summer Escape
(and another link)

Strange Carousels
(and yet another link)

According to Dale, a third volume is in the works, with a working title of Under The Covers, and is supposed to be an all-covers compilation. Ooh! Can't wait.

Michelle Lana

I heart Pinay illustrator Michelle Lana

Monday, July 28, 2008

Seasonal Affective Disorder

photo from jaciii

Stormy weather really causes one to forego deadlines and loiter on mysticgames.

Relationship Spread
Mystic Art Tarot

Position 7
7 - The focal point. Our mutual goal

Position 1
1 - My partner
Position 3
3 - The power that connects us
Position 2
2 - Myself
Position 5
5 - The resources of my partner
Position 4
4 - Our common base
Position 6
6 - My resources
Free Tarot Readings from Mysticgames.com

So it ends with the Death card. Was I to expect otherwise when the tacky themed room already gave a foreboding of things to come? The Titanic was a gigantic ship that sunk and killed a lot of people... But hey, it was also a story of conflicted love that broke social boundaries as well a box-office records.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pods and Peas

Finding snacks for a junkfood-craving child on a GFCF diet can be a frustrating-- with the constant reading of labels, deciphering unfamiliar ingredients and very limited choices. The best option of course is to make my own chips, which unfortunately I don't have the time and resources to do... Okay, I'm a lazy cook when it's not my kitchen, fine. But making chips needs to be done in bulk to save on energy and time. And you need to bag them to maintain freshness, which is a whole other nightmare in itself. Until I stumbled upon a brilliant solution.

Yes... PODS. Gluten Free, Casein Free because it's made from peas and rice flour. Baked, not fried. And NO MSG! I love it! It's also perfect for hard edge vegans.

It looks a bit scary admittedly, the "pods" themselves are off-white with a greenish tint. But they taste good, to me and Declan at least. Not too salty or flavorful. I love Oishi for that. Their website is uber cute too!

I love peas. They're simple, lovely to look at, and versatile if I may add. Living in Manila makes it nearly impossible to experience fresh green peas. We have to be content with frozen or canned ones. I like the frozen ones better. They're softer than the canned ones.

Chick peas are great too. I luuuve hummus! Hummus with garlic sauce! Yum! Sugar snap peas, I like them too. I think they call them sitsaro in this side of the world. And they're a mainstay in authentic pancit canton (which according to pinoycook is internationally known as chowmein).

There's also something eerie about peas. "Like peas in a pod" is a phrase used to describe people who closely resemble each other... Taken I guess from Pareng Gregor Mendel's work.

And there's also something alien-like about peas... As in the Pod People in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

But, to be honest... Pods reminds me of Soylent Green...

But I digress. Pods rules! It kind of reminds me of Snacku vegetable crackers (which you 80's kids should be familiar with) with the bright green packaging and tacky commercial-- but I would never feed that to D.

photo credits from flickr and horrophile

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I stole my blog icon from here. Lovely site for non-graphic artists like me. If you have a Facebook account, you'll recognize these icons from pixelgirl presents

And speaking of "pixel"s... Is there even a tactfull way to ask another person to stop being annoying? Especially if you seem to be the only person who seems to be annoyed? I guess some people when faced with the honest truth will reward you with antagonism and baseless accusations.
But that's life- or rather low-life for you...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

re-popping the cherry

After more than a year, I am a blogger virgin once more. Am coming back after being ripped off precious pageviews of my precious stolen blog content by multiply. Everything will be here from now on---fresher, brighter, better thoughts.

No thanks to this bottle of eerie substance...

The second wind I guess comes from tumultuous saturn return and the wonderful links in my sidebar. This is also an experiment to see if blogging really works in bringing extra bacon on the table.

In the meantime, I hope to see everyone here: