Sunday, April 5, 2009

as long as i remember their names....

there will always a special meaning behind these paintings

keeping my fingers crossed

some things you want to shout out to the world, some things you want to keep on your secret blog. and the latter are usually things that have been marinating in your heart for sometime and told in bite-size portions to good friends. but nothing beats the written word published on cyberspace.

it's venus retrograde so i'm not expecting anything... i'm just expecting this holds out till april 17... but i'm torn between making it work and patiently waiting-- or maybe the scheming girl's guide to appear to be waiting patiently but making it work and appearing "cool" at the same time... (sigh) summer love is pretty much the same whether one is 16 or 30.

but the cards give an exciting look at what's in store if i play it right...

Relationship Spread
Mystic Art Tarot

Position 7
7 - The focal point. Our mutual goal

Position 1
1 - My partner
Position 3
3 - The power that connects us
Position 2
2 - Myself
Position 5
5 - The resources of my partner
Position 4
4 - Our common base
Position 6
6 - My resources
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of course i could be fooling myself like i always do. but who cares, this is just phase one of my infatuation stages and will be over soon.