Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seven Inch

see you all at the Balloon Derby 7" ep launch! it's bound to be a big one with strangeometry, dorothy records, and apple crumble records all coming together this one night. december 20... oh yeah, spla will be playing too... i need a new dress (hee!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

and now we're back...

Been busy for the past two weeks doing this

But it seems I can't wind down till next week. Cheques to look out for, thesis defenses, 4 christmas parties, wrapping up deals, deadlines... it's endless.

I wish I were 17 again, fresh-faced and looking forward to the UP Lantern Parade and afterparty. The reality is, I'm 30 wrought like iron, and pining for an hour to myself to get a massage.

oh and this is the nth xmas with no lovelife for me... but then i guess it's too soon to sum up, there's still 10 days... but then i don't really care... i just want the money to come in on time and that i finally meet all the deadlines, and that the film gets finished.